How To Eliminate Jock Itch in 48 Hours

Jock Itch can usually be treated within a couple of days. For some people it is common for Jock Itch to re-occur; therefore it’s important to use something that will work quickly and is specifically designed to treat Jock Itch. Benzolkonium Chloride is an ingredient commonly used to treat Jock Itch effectively.

The primary active ingredient in our All Stop™ fungal gels and sprays is Benzolkonium Chloride. It’s what hospitals use in their operating and emergency rooms.

The fungal properties in our proprietary blend begins working immediately without any stinging or burning. The skin appears healthy within hours and you don’t have to suffer any longer or learn to live with this! Use our Rejuvenating Body Wash as your regular daily regimen to shower with. Always be assured that you are removing any evidence of any type of fungal spore from your skin daily and be confident that you are in control!

Treatment for chronic cases of Jock Itch can sometimes take several months as the fungus is deep within the epidermal tissues of the skin. You can help control and prevent Jock Itch outbreaks in many ways. It is very important to treat your Jock Itch as soon as possible.

Having Jock Itch for extended periods of time can lead to secondary bacterial infections and permanent changes in the skin pigmentation of the affected areas. You also want to be careful when using regular soap products and make sure that you are rinsing completely. Soap is alkaline (the opposite of acidic).

Alkaline environments increase the growth rate of fungus. Scrubbing the area with soap will make your Jock Itch worse. Washing with our All Stop™ Body Wash immediately arrests the bacteria and the fungus and serves as an excellent skin sanitizer.