Preventing a Jock-Itch Reinfection

Below are some things you can do to prevent a jock-itch re-infection.

Baby yourself.
“By covering the groin area with baby powder, you’ll help prevent the moisture that leads to Jock Itch,” says Andy Clary, head trainer for the University of Miami football team in Coral Gables, Florida.Simply sprinkle on a light dusting of powder whenever you change your underwear.

Wear shorts under your support.
Athletic supporters irritate the groin area. This irritation provides an environment for the fungus to grow. One of the best ways to guard against Jock Itch is to put on a pair of clean, all-cotton shorts before pulling on your athletic supporter, says Andy Clary (head trainer for the University of Miami football team). “The jock doesn’t rub the skin nearly as much, and the cotton pulls some of the moisture and the perspiration from the area by absorbing it.”