Reasons Not To Scratch Jock Itch

Below is some information on how scratching your Jock Itch can cause more problems for you!

Although Jock Itch is extremely uncomfortable and itchy, by scratching the area, you will only prolong the problem. Pruritus (itching) is an unpleasant sensation that elicits the desire to scratch. It is a distressing symptom that can cause discomfort and threaten the effectiveness of the skin as a major protective barrier.

CAUSES SECONDARY INFECTION: Scratching an infected area can cause skin breakdown. This is very serious because once the skin is broken; you run a very high risk of picking up secondary bacterial infections. If you have a fever, pus drainage, oozing, crusting or swelling you probably have a secondary bacterial infection. Once an infection occurs, you must treat that as well as treat the Jock Itch problem.

CAUSES SPREADING: By scratching your groin area when you have a Jock Itch outbreak, you can potentially spread the tinea fungus to other areas of your body. The fungus spores get on the skin and under your nails then transfer to other body parts such as your face, head or feet when you touch those areas without properly disinfecting your hands.

CAUSES VISCOUS ITCH-SCRATCH CYCLE: Another downside of scratching the affected area is that although you may get momentary relief from the itching and irritation, your body goes into a viscous itch-scratch cycle. Scratching and rubbing the affected area in response to itching actually worsens the skin inflammation characteristics of the disease. Your skin becomes more sensitive to itching and you feel the need to scratch longer and harder. Itching is a problem during sleep, when all of the conscious control of scratching decreases and there is a lack of outside stimuli to distract a person, which then makes the itchiness more noticeable.

CAUSES OTHER SKIN SYMPTOMS: The skin can react in a variety of ways once it has been affected by the itch-scratch cycle. Some people develop very red, scaly skin because the skin’s built in immune system is becoming overactive. Other people develop thick leathery skin as a result of constant rubbing and scratching. This is often referred to as lichenification. Other people may develop papules and small raised bumps.

By controlling the urge to itch, rub or grab at the groin area, you will reduce the risk of your Jock Itch becoming worse. You can also prevent some of the above from happening by wearing loose fitting, dry clothing.