Liceadex Testimonials

5 out of 5 stars! Finally something works!

“I was having some terrible lice issues with my kids and it had been on going for years, but this last time we were getting re-infestation issues and we treated for lice 5 times since February (It was only August!)I have four daughters with unbelievably thick hair and for me to do a treatment required almost a full week of work to eliminate every nit, wash every sheet, cover all the furniture. I even toyed around with the idea of giving them all a “Buzz cut” to get rid of these things! I tried your Liceadex™ in a fit of desperation (I was near tears!) I love the product, love not picking nits or pulling through every strand of hair! I waited over a month to write in because with our passed experience I had my doubts anything would really work. I’m so happy that it did! I love the home remedy that you sent when I placed my order too, and now I “doctor up” every bottle of shampoo that comes in this house and I have every confidence in the world we will never again be dealing with those little disgusting bugs! I am recommending your products every chance I get and I honestly can’t thank you enough! Four thick haired, teenage girls in a house with one bathroom is enough, there is no room for lice here and I am glad to say were are the most un-hospitable environment for lice in the school district now!

Thank you Thank you Thank you, a million times Thank you!!!”
Nancy L.

“In just one application, the creepy little lice were gone. I could literally watch them die.” Thanks Q-Based for helping me and my daughter!”
Emily T., Millington, Tennessee

“I highly recommend Liceadex™ to parents, schools and anyone in need of a Lice treatment. Thanks, Q-Based, for being there and taking control over our crisis.”
Karen C., RN, Private School Nurse

“All four of us ended up with head lice…Their products were amazing and our lice were dead in no time.”
Lisa D., Abbeville, Louisiana

“In one day the lice were dead and gone.”
Tina P., Little Rock, Arkansas

“After just one use of their products, my lice were dead…I was thrilled”
Danny R., Australia

“I had nothing to lose but the bugs, so I ordered some. I was stunned at how quickly their products worked.”
Candice C., Hayes, Kansas

“I have first-hand experience to know that it actually works the first time and I recommend it regularly to schools and parents.”
Linda A., LPN