Skin Parasite Treatment For Your Car

MOTH BALLS: Because of the “hatching cycle”, nothing seems to have enough residual power to combat the new “hatchlings” and after about 5 weeks, you no longer have cyclic hatching. By that time, the hatched eggs have varied enough so that you have hatchings every day or so. Moth balls can solve this problem. Keep a container of them open with your car sealed when you are at home. Before using the car, seal the container, air out the car for at least 30 minutes and drive with all four windows wide open (rain or shine – if you cannot drive with the windows open …take a cab or don’t go).

CARPET & MOLD DISINFECTANT: All Stop™ has a new product we commonly call the “Purple Goop” that is in a concentrated form and is perfect for cleaning your car or any place in your home. It’s our strongest commercial grade disinfectant and is your weapon of mass destruction when you want total and complete sanitation including bug elimination in your carpet, furniture, clothing and mattresses. Use in an injector/extractor carpet cleaner for best results. Works in 20 minutes and drys harmless.Our customers report nothing works faster or is more effective. Our specially formulated Carpet Disinfectant & Mold Treatment removes all black mold and hundreds of other harmful molds, fungi, bugs, and bacteria from your environment.