Cleaning Your Environment When Treating For Skin Parasites

It’s no secret with this parasite skin disease, cleaning your environment is a “must” or you will continue to get re-infested. Below are some tips for cleaning your skin parasites.

Mattress: All mattresses must be covered in a plastic mattress cover. This is extremely important because the Collembola will leave your body while you sleep and go deep into the mattress. Disinfecting is very important. We recommend purchasing a sprayer to make your disinfecting chores easier. Most stores such as Home Depot or Lowes has them in the garden department. Click here for QUEEN size mattess cover , KING size mattress cover and TWIN size mattress cover.

Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters): It is necessary to use products that are strong enough to eliminate all traces of parasites in your laundry. All Stop™ has formulated a laundry, carpet and mold treatment solution that has proven to get these out of your laundry in just 1 washing. Ask for more information.

Laundry Room: Dirty laundry is a source of bacteria and fungus that supports parasites. Do not allow laundry to pile up. Laundry room is a source of humidity and moisture that attracts parasites. Dry cleaning does not get rid of Collembola. You my consider sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth in your dirty laundry.

Towels: All towels & wash-clothes need to be washed in our All Stop™ Laundry, Carpet, and Mold treatment solution.

Clothing: All articles of clothing should be washed in our All Stop™ Laundry, Carpet and Mold treatment and then heated in the dryer and then stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags. Springtails love to hide in the seams of clothing so you want to make sure that you are removing the ones in your clothes.

Shoes: You should spray shoes with our All Stop™ disinfectant and then sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your shoes. This will stop any of the springtails that are living in your shoe linings. Perfect for keeping your shoes dry and keeping the parasites out of them and off of you! We highly recommend that you never walk barefoot. Wear sandals or flip flops at a minimum.

Belts/Hats/Scarves/Coats: All items that are worn or carried by you should be treated in a dryer on high for 20 minutes or cleaned with disinfectant.

Area / Throw Rugs: Get these out of your home or sprinkle diatomaceous earth on them. Rub the diatomaceous earth into the rugs.

Carpets: Get these out of your home or sprinkle your carpets with diatomaceous earth, especially around the base boards, and rub into the carpet. By rubbing the diatomaceous earth into the carpet, you don’t end up walking on dust; however it serves as great solution when controlling parasites in your carpet or rugs. You experience less bites and you have more control of keeping these parasites off your feet and legs! Sprinkle diatomaceous earth any place you can in your home and outside your home, lawn and car.

Tile or Linoleum Flooring: Hard surface floors need to be cleaned everyday with our hospital grade disinfectant after being thoroughly vacuumed.

Wood Flooring: Wood flooring can be damp mopped with a disinfectant solution and then cleaned with Orange Oil or Murphy’s Oil and then the rags cleaned and dried immediately or any paper towels that were used, disposed of immediately.

Cloth Furniture: Get these out of your home, rub diatomaceous earth in the furniture or stay away from this kind of furniture.

Computer Area: You will want to treat your computer chair following the above directions for furniture. You also need to wipe down any wrist pads, mouse, etc down with disinfectant. Make sure you treat any floor pads that you may have under your computer desk. For some reason, these parasites love computers. Burn inscense near your computer; the springtails hate the smell and leave!

Pet Areas: Make sure that you also clean and disinfect any areas that your pet may inhabit as they make a great carrier for the springtails. Rubbing diatomaceous earth in your pet’s fur is a great help also.

Car: You should take the floor mats out of your vehicle. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth any place you can in your home and outside your home, lawn and car.

Office: If you work in an office, you will need to disinfect your office chair and floor also.

Cardboard Boxes: Get rid of any old stacks of newspapers, magazines, books, and cardboard boxes. These are made of organic matter that breeds bacteria and fungus. Collembola thrive in this material.

Garage: Clean up clutter and wash down with a disinfectant or a bleach solution. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth where applicable.

Washer & Dryer: Disinfect daily. You can easily get re-infected from your washer and dryer. The lint trap is critical. Some customers threw a handful of diatomaceous earth in the dryer to assure there are no parasites remaining in the laundry.