Reducing Parasite Activity on Your Scalp

MITACTIN SALVE– The parasites don’t have a chance with our Extra Strength Mitactin Salve. It’s 3 times stronger than our Mitactin and PENETRATES deeply to reach the parasites in the scalp. Our Salve is not a pesticide and begins working immediately. The Salve is commonly used in your ears and also used on the hard nodules usually located just under the ears. The nodules seem to disappear and the pain goes away.

The Mitactin Salve comes in a 2oz and a 4oz size and we do currently take special orders for the 1/2 gallon size.

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Medicated Skin Cream– Works particularly well on head lesions if suffering from Morgellons Disease symptoms. Morgellons test associates report significant reductions in swelling and itching as well as “excretions of white masses” from effected areas within minutes of application. This was followed by “bumpy” or hard discolored areas returning to normal skin texture and color, allowing associates to resume normal activities.

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Another tip is rotate…. Using Selsun Blue one day and the Rejuvenating Body Wash the next day. Remember these bugs hate Liniment, menthol and camphor. So mix this in with your All Stop™ products and rotate their use. Our customers regularly report that they must swap out their regimens because what works today may not work tomorrow and what didn’t work yesterday may work again in a week.