Skin Parasite Treatment Suggestions

DRINKING WATER: Drink purified or distilled water instead of spring, bottled or well water.

SOAP: Use sulfur based soap with lanolin when showering or bathing and rotate using the All Stop™ Rejuvenating Body Wash one night and use the Sulfur soap the next night.

DIET: High protein or Candita diet. The high protein diet is primarily not to add any more sugars or bacteria into your body and the high fiber diet is primarily to work with the parasite cleansing process.

IRON SUPPLEMENTS: We believe that the springtails deplete your red blood cells; taking iron supplements daily would help with the fatigue symptoms. The average daily recommended amount of iron for men is 12mg and for women its 18 to 20mg. That is why women may experience more activity from the springtails around the time of there period.

IMMUNE BOOSTER SUPPLEMENTS OR LIQUID: Immune Boosting supplements are necessary to fight this war that you are in and the sooner you boost your system the better.

Food grade Amorphous Silica type of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: is great when used internally and externally.

INTERNALLY: Diatomaceous earth acts as a sort of scrub down of both the large and small intestine, down through the colon. Therefore, when you include food grade Diatomaceous earth to your daily diet, you should feel an improvement after 30-90 days on this regimen. All Stop™ has two sizes to offer you.

EXTERNALLY: Commonly used on carpets, rugs, mattresses, window sills, shoes, on pets, in the home or outside on the turf. Our customers even use it as a talc powder on their skin or even in their shoes.