Parasite Testimonials

“My open sores are healing which is the such a blessing”

Just wanted to thank you for your help and guidence on the phone through this terrible thing called Morgellons. I receibved an indivdual combo that my other half and gotten for me about 2 months ago and boy what a blessing it is to have these products. I was in so much pain and discomfort from the white fibers that look like hair, the copnstant itching, feeling like something is crawing under my skin, and my hair feels like its alive 100% of the time. I’ve been using the product for about 2 months now and wow the relief I have. My open sores are healing which is the such a blessing, I still have the crawling sensations but not near as bad and my hair is not so alive any more. I’m so glad that I found your web site and used these product as they have made such a difference in my life. Thanks again All Stop.


Lisa J.
– North Carolina

“Thank God I was able to get rid of hairs, fibers, coils, itching, pimple like open sores”

I continue to be impressed and grateful for your internet communication regarding infectious diseases….real…imagined…unresearched and concerning.

I found your website while trying to find an answer to a very mysterious skin ailment I had last fall. I ordered products from your company through your educated sales staff and it changed my life…thank God I was able to get rid of hairs, fibers, coils, itching, pimple like open sores. I was a mess…I couldn’t think straight. No one, except the aid of your people on the phone could give me any peace of mind. I’m normally a sane, educated professional and I was able to return to a physical comfort by eventually ridding myself of what ever was growing in me.

So as a result…I wash my hands..all the time…when ever I enter a room. I am very protective of my being in a new environment.

I applaud your company and how they may educate people to take the time to take precaution. Your products are great and I also feel you are a heartful businessman…and that isn’t an easy balance to walk.

Connie D.
Felton California

“I now live a life that is enjoyable and have so much more enegery”


I really never thought I would find another person who shared the same nightmare I have lived with for (5) yrs. I found this web-site and saw my life was being experienced by others with the same expressions from derm..Dr.’s. The best in (this field). I was told to go back to my Phychatrist (again) and all he did was up my same med x 3. I couldn’t tolerate it and was just waiting for my order to come in. When it arrived, I started my treatment and immediately the open wounds had extractions coming out on their own. I now live a life that is enjoyable and have so much more enegery. If you have ANY SYMPTOMS FROM ABOVE ….BUY All Stop. I let this condition run my life, now I have taken it back with these products. For my testimony, I had all that is listed from the others. If you haven’t been there, be thankful: if you have, be thankful for All Stop.

Mary Mann, Ash, NC

“I was tired of all the doctors telling me I was crazy!”

After living with bugs for 7 years, I had reached the end of my rope. I thought there was only one way left for me to end my misery. I was tired of all the doctors telling me that I was crazy and that all of the bugs, worms and fibers that I saw coming out of my skin were all in my head. Even my family thought I was crazy. I thought that I had nowhere else to turn. Then, I found All Stop. After speaking with one of their knowledgeable staff, I had not only found someone that believed me, but knew exactly what I was talking about. After so many years of being humiliated by doctors, I found a company that listens and helps their customers. I get tremendous relief from using their products. One of my favorites is their essential oils, it not only makes my skin feel good, but it draws the parasites out of my skin. Through listening to, and working with their customers, people just like me, they have customized products just for this springtail infestation. Their knowledge has helped me on the road to recovery. Without their kindness, I might not be here today. I will always be thankful to you, All Stop, for giving me back hope and helping me to get control of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Suzy Martin, California

“I had been putting poison all over my body for years.”

For 3 years I thought I had scabies. I had been putting poison all over my body for years trying to get rid of the “bugs”. Nothing seemed to work and my doctors thought I was crazy. They told me that I had Delusional Parasitosis, and since no one else around me ever seemed to get bitten, I sometimes wondered if I was going crazy. The longer I had this, the worse it seemed to get. I even felt things jumping on me when I would go for a walk. I spent hours searching the internet and trying many different things. One of the sites I came across was All Stop. After reading the information that they had, I figured I would try their products. The very first day that I started using their body wash and their Mitactin™, I felt immediate relief. I learned from All Stop™ what I needed to do to take care of me and how to get rid of the parasites in my home. I was not crazy, I really did have parasites. Thanks to the great products and the people at All Stop, I have gotten rid of my Collembola problem. Thank you for everything, All Stop.

Mike Reynolds, Florida

“My husband thought I was losing my mind.”

Ever since my basement flooded 8 months ago, I have had some type of bug biting me. The doctors and dermatologists that I went to all said that they could not find anything and that because I had things biting my head and in my nose, that it was not scabies. They still gave me some of the scabies poison treatment just to shut me up. My husband thought I was losing my mind, and I was afraid to be around my children. Everywhere I looked I saw small black specks of bugs and weird fibers. Sometimes, I even saw white wormy things coming out of my skin. My family was ready to commit me when I found All Stop. The people at All Stop™ explained that I might have a Collembola infestation. They were very patient and explained to me what it was, and how their products could help me. I took a chance and ordered their products. I was absolutely amazed at how good I felt. My skin felt clean for the first time in months. I did not feel like things were eating me alive. I do not know how my life would be if I had not found All Stop. Thank you All Stop™ for listening, caring and helping me feel better.

Teresa Ramos, New Jersey

“I could feel them jumping on me when I got out of the shower.”

Every night I would lie awake in bed. All I could feel were bugs biting me. I had open lesions on my body that my doctors could not and would not explain. I saw little bugs everywhere. I could feel them jumping on me when I would get out of the shower, I could feel them biting me when I would sit at my computer, and when I would sit on my sofa I would feel things biting me that I just could not see. The doctors thought I was making the lesions myself. They told me everything was in my head, I knew that it wasn’t. I searched the web and found All Stop. They had the answers to my questions, and they were the answer to my prayers. I ordered their products and had them sent overnight. I felt a difference the very first time that I used their products. When I used their parasite scrubs, I could not believe all of the stuff that came out of my skin. They helped me rid my house and car of the Collembola and helped me take care of my body. Thank you for everything, All Stop.

Tina Meyers, California

“I spent over 15 thousand dollars, still had bugs and no answers.”

I have had bugs for several years. I tried everything under the sun to try and get rid of these parasites. Nothing ever seemed to work. None of my doctors had an answer for me, none of them even cared enough to try and figure out what was wrong with me. The doctors told me that I had Delusions of Parasites. I had spent over 15 thousand dollars. I still had bugs and no answers from the doctors. I searched the internet and found All Stop. The staff at All Stop™ was not only friendly; they were able to help me with my problem. They explained that it could be a parasite called Collembola that was causing my problems. They told me that their products could help me out, so I decided to try them. When I got my package and started using the products, I started to cry. For the first time in years, I felt relief. My sores started to effectively treat and I felt better. I felt refreshed and happy to be alive. Thank you All Stop™ for all the help you have given me.

Michelle Thompson, Washington

“Mary was going crazy trying everything.”

My wife has been fighting a parasite infection for years. I am sorry to say that I was starting to think she was crazy, just like the doctors kept saying. Mary was going crazy trying everything she could get her hands on to treat these bugs that kept biting her and leaving sores all over her body. She was always tired, her body ached, and she kept forgetting things. It was like she was in a fog. Even though I was not affected by these bugs, I could see what was happening to my wife and I just had to find some help for her. I stayed up late on night searching the internet and came across the All Stop™ website. Everything I read about Collembola described my wife’s condition. I called them first thing the next morning and had their products rushed to me. The change Mary’s condition is miraculous! I can’t thank All Stop™ enough for helping me and my wife.

Robert Lehy, Florida

“I was completely shocked by how much stuff came out of my skin!”

I have been using All Stop™ products to help me with my Springtail infestation. Their products make me feel great and give great relief. I had to write in after trying one of their new products, it is a parasite scrub. I was completely shocked by how much stuff came out of my skin when I used the parasite scrub! The scrubs also have essential oils in them that soothe and soften the skin while getting rid of parasites. I can not imagine how I managed without the scrubs in my life. Thanks All Stop™ for your continued research and development of products that truly help us with the Collembola infestations and for believing in your customers.

Paula O’Donnell, New York

“My mom is the only one who still believes me.”

I wanted to write and express my gratitude to All Stop™ for all the help they have given me. For almost two years I have been trying to get rid of an unknown parasite that was attacking me. Every doctor that I went to told me that I was crazy. I could not find help for my problem anywhere. My mom found All Stop™ on the computer. She was the only one left that still believed there was something really wrong with me, and she wanted to help. My mom and I talked to the people at All Stop™ about my problem. They were very knowledgeable and friendly and gave us hope. I ordered their products and started using them immediately. The comfort and relief that I got overwhelmed me. I still can not believe how great I am feeling. Thank you so much All Stop.

Debbie Benson, Montana

“We took a chance.”

My husband has always been skeptical of ordering stuff from the internet. When I decided to go online and look for help for my bug problem, he was very doubtful. It did not help the situation that we did not even know what I had. After reading the All Stop™ website, the information about the bites, fibers, and lesions, it sounded just like me. We took a chance and ordered their products. I am so happy that we took that chance because their products have worked wonders. I will continue to use their products on my skin while treating the inside of my body. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lisa Thompson, California

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