Psoriasis Testimonials

Nothing Else worked! Psoriasil changed my Quality of Life!

“I was suffering with Psoriasis for over 15 years and tried everything that was offered on the market and even the most expensive prescription drugs. My arm felt and looked like thick alligator skin and it was very embarrassing.

It really affected my quality of life and the constant itch was overwhelming. In every picture of myself over the past 15 years my right hand was scratching my left arm; I was shocked to learn this.

I wish I had a BEFORE picture to submit; My psoriasis was so red and inflamed. But, i do have a picture of 3 weeks after I started using your Psoriasil and the moisturizer and one of today. I continue to use the Psoriasil as a maintenance about once a week and I have not experienced a flareup in over 6 months.

This oil is nothing but a miracle for me. Every Dermatologist should know about your product. Thanks Qbased for being there for me and adding quality back into my life”.

– Venola L., Abbeville, LA

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