Common Misconceptions About Pubic Lice

Listed below are several commonly held misconceptions about Pubic Lice. It is important to have accurate information when you are dealing with a condition such as this.

  • You can catch Pubic Lice from a toilet seat – It is true that you can contract Pubic Lice from inanimate objects but there has been no concrete evidence of this ever occurring.
  • You can’t catch Pubic Lice if you use a condom during intercourse – It is, in fact, true that you CAN contact Pubic Lice during intercourse, even if you use a condom.
  • Shaving all of your pubic hair will get rid of Pubic Lice – This is true to an extent. If you have Pubic Lice and shave off your pubic hair, the lice will simply relocate to another of the common areas of the body that the Pubic Lice infest (armpits, leg hair, eyebrows, beard or moustache). And you still need to treat your environment in order to prevent re-infestation when the hair grows back.