Itching Pubic Lice

Itching is the first symptom of Pubic Lice and leads to scratching of the affected area. This itching is specifically caused by a toxin (poison) secreted by the Lice through its saliva as it bites you. Pubic Lice are small, making them difficult to see, thus the scratches made by an itching patient are usually the first visible sign of an infestation. Pubic Lice may then cause the formation of small, inflamed, bluish-gray spots on your body, particularly on your thighs. Eventually, small dark-brown or black specks secreted by the Pubic Lice will appear on the inside of your underwear. In short, common symptoms of Pubic Lice are:

  • Itching in affected area
  • Presence of nits or adult lice
  • Lesions in affected area due to scratching and bites