Pubic Lice In Children

Although sexual contact is the most common method of transmission, your child may contract Pubic Lice by using towels or bedding at a friend’s house or even from trying on a bathing suit without wearing underwear. Talking openly to your child in a non-accusatory way is the best way to determine how the Pubic Lice may have been contracted.
If your child has been sexually active, you should address the issue immediately and directly. STDs are upsetting for anyone, but they can be especially disturbing when they occur in a child. If your child is sexually active at a young age, talk honestly and directly about why this behavior is risky. It is important that you don’t condemn your child for the behavior. This may cause your child to rebel or become withdrawn. Talk to your child in a supportive way about his or her involvement in sexual activity. Your child may be a victim of sexual abuse and could be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it.

You can find help in a variety of places. The first step is to treat the infestation on the body and in your environment. You may want to see professional advice for help with any emotional or psychological issues you or your child may be experiencing.