Bleach Should Not Be Used As A Remedy For Ringworm

Bleach is not a home remedy for ringworm; in fact it’s toxic! Don’t try this at home! Everyone’s skin has different degrees of sensitivity and applying bleach directly to your skin can leave you with a terrible chemical burn while opening up your ringworm blisters to further infection. Different people may claim that using bleach has cleared up their ringworm lesions and stopped the itching, but don’t consider trying this foolish home remedy. You will probably end up with far worse than itching – a big, oozing sore, or worse, a nasty chemical burn.

The truth of the matter is if they indeed DID get rid of their ringworm, what actually happened was that they chemically burned it off the skin. I can assure you that they were left with another type of skin lesion they had to effectively treat.