Ringworm Treatment

Dermatologists understand fungus buildup on the skin can lead to serious Ringworm. It’s important to understand how easy it is to get rid of ringworm & also knowing how to keep the fungus from spreading. That’s why many Dermatologists refer their patients to All Stop™ for Ringworm infections. We offer a quick, safe and easy solution without the harmful affects of Oral Medication.

We understand how to control these outbreaks, once and for all and our formula is gentle enough, but strong enough to offer relief to children and adults.

All Stop™ offers Short & Long term solutions…

Short Term Solutions:

  • Quick effectively treats damaged broken skin.
  • Relieves itching
  • Saves Time and Money from unnecessary Doctor Appointments, unnecessary trips to the pharmacy & gives you more time for fun.

Long Term Solutions:

  • Control ringworm from spreading within your home.
  • Our products will protect your skin from the fungus that causes outbreaks.
  • Our unique proprietary blend was designed by a team of Doctors who specializes in the Ringworm fungus. Its primary function is to rid your skin of the embarrassing sores & itch.