About Nodular Scabies

Often severe cases and those with sensitive skin can develop a condition called nodular scabies. This happens when debris, body parts and fecal matter from the mites becomes trapped under your skin. The body’s natural process is to encase and expel foreign matter. As these encasements harden it can cause severe itching that can last for several months.

Thorough skin cleansing and exfoliation during your treatment is a critical part of a fast and complete cure of scabies

Often a person will ask, “When will I know when I am done with this Scabies Infestation?” Especially when a person has nodular scabies and the itch continues! The answer to that is, you won’t feel the pin prick biting anymore. If all you feel is itching, then most likely your scabies is gone and you the only thing left is the itching from nodular scabies.

Nodular Scabies can be eased by using cold compresses, moisturizing the skin and using medication for the itch.