Different Types of Skin Mites

There are many different types of mites. Below is a description of a few:

Household Mites: Mites are occasionally found in homes and attack humans in the absence of their normal hosts-birds, rodents, or insects. Bites from these mites may be painful and cause severe skin irritation.

Bird Mites: The northern fowl mite tropical fowl mite and chicken mite are the major bird mite species in Florida. The northern fowl mite is the species most important as a problem to birds in the state. They are accidental pests to humans

Rodent Mites: The two most abundant rodent mites in buildings are the tropical rat mite and the house mouse mite. Rodent mites are primarily external parasites of rats and house mice, but they will also feed on humans.

House Dust Mites: The house dust mites (floor mites) are increasing in medical significance to humans. The importance of house dust mites is that pieces of the mites in house dust may produce allergic reactions and asthma when inhaled. It is presently estimated that four percent of the human population shows a house dust allergy.

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